A custom website is a web solution that is specially designed for your business. While a number of bespoke web solutions exist, they often don’t meet the demands of more unique business processes. In such instances, it is vital for a business to seek the services of software and web developers who can cater to their specific current business processes. Some of the benefits of acquiring custom-made web solutions include:


Although there are a number of high-quality bespoke applications in the market, there is a slim chance that they will fit seamlessly into your business needs and requirements.

It is not uncommon to license applications from third parties and discover later on that they are not suited to your business. With custom software, you can request for specific features that you need to run your website successfully. You can actually create something using your own vision. Thus, there’s a higher chance for your website to stand out from your competitors.


While off-the-shelf applications may be able to meet your current business needs, this may not be the case going into the future. As your business grows, you might find yourself adding new services. You need a system that’s ready to accept larger flows of traffic. It should also allow you to add new functionalities to the existing platform.

Custom software is more scalable than bespoke software. It does not limit what you can do to your website. Because the project will be built from scratch, it has less dependent built-in functionality. In other words, it’s more flexible to change.


Custom application development enables your business to integrate existing software packages. Consequently, the business is in a position to enjoy the benefits of operating with one custom application that can be integrated with multiple applications and processes.


With bespoke software, you will be at the mercy of application owners and vendors. If these vendors were to close shop, your business will be in a vulnerable position, and you’ll need to change into a different application. This increases your business uncertainty and risk.

Moreover, using an existing platform in building your website makes you susceptible to vulnerabilities that affect all other websites in the platform. This means a vulnerability on one site in the platform could also penetrate your website.

Cost Effectiveness

Although developing custom applications requires a huge initial investment, it is cost-effective in the long run. Custom-made software does not require constant upgrades. With custom software, the business will also save on licensing costs and purchasing of additional hardware as the applications can be tailored to your organization’s software and hardware capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Business processes can be complex, and every firm has different needs and requirements. If you want a website that takes into account business growth and efficiency, then custom software and applications can be the right choice for your business.

While it’s easy to get tempted by cheap bespoke web solutions, you must think of your long-term goals. Maiweb can design a custom solution for your business and ensure that it’s flexible and scalable enough to support the growth of your business.

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